3DNP – Introduction

3DNP (3D-No Plugins) is a 3D viewer that doesn't need browser plugins, only JavaScript. 3DNP is licensed under GNU Public License (GPL) and is therefore completely free. It is easy to configure and can be integrated into your website by using an IFrame.

You can download 3DNP by clicking here (ZIP-Archive, 3DNP 1.2c).

3DNP uses 3 different starting modes:

  1. Click to start - tell your website visitor about the animation and the amount of data that will be loaded. A loading bar is displayed after clicking
  2. Autostart displaying a loading screen - the images are preloaded automatically and a loading bar is displayed
  3. Pure 3DNP - no click, no loading screen, the images are loaded and 3DNP starts - this mode is made for intranets and CD-ROM presentations - by the way, you can also integrate 3DNP in your PowerPoint presentations by using a tool named LiveWeb

A product visualisation made using 3DNP, the USB stick can be rotated 360°:

3DNP comes with a Python script for Blender that produces a camera path to render images fitting into 3DNP.

3DNP Python Interface Makepath